Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First ring

The weather outside has been less than cooperative for metal detecting lately. Finally got ground that was soft enough to dig (at least in the tot lots and sandboxes) on January 15, 2010. I had been detecting and not digging while the ground was frozen and had made mental notes of where I had gotten decent signals. I had gotten a signal in the small sandbox where I found the ring but was unable to dig even in the frozen sand with my composite digger so I had decided to come back later. Luckily the area is not hunted much if at all. I was thinking I would probably be digging up a penny or maybe a dime but was surprised when I dug up the ring. I think my heart may have skipped a beat when I saw the diamonds. Upon cleaning my find I discovered it was a child's ring and probably copper/silver plated with fake diamonds. Still a fun find though.
Until next time...
Keep your Coil to the Soil

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping track of your finds

If you are out detecting and finding lots of goodies, you'll want to keep track of them in some form or another. It's nice to keep a running total of your clad, silver and other finds along with photos and details of your hunt. There are several ways you could do this. You could keep a paper log and attach a photo. Use some type of word processing software on your computer, or even organize them in containers with labels if you wanted. I personally decided that i-detect from Ginkgoware was the best method for me. It's been very handy software. If your method isn't working for you then check out what else is out there or talk to other detectorists to find out what they are using.
Until next time...
Keep your Coil to the Soil

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowy hunt

Braved the cold for my first hunt of the new year and hit a tot lot at the local river park. Frozen snow covered ground plus bitterly cold wind make for a short lunchtime hunt. Ground was really too frozen to dig much with my composite digger. (Time to upgrade) Got a good penny signal in the wood chips near the slide so I tried my luck. Came up with an 85 Lincoln. Got several other hits so I'll head back when the weather gets above freezing. Right now I'll be satisfied with my Lincoln. It was a little difficult to find though. Pennies seem to blend into the wood chips.
Until next time, HH and Keep your coil to the soil.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Permission Form and Liability Waiver

Here is a permission form with liability waiver for those of you who need one. Feel free to modify it how you see fit.

Permission to Metal Detect on Private Property
I, _____________________________________ agree to allow (type your name and address), to use a metal detector to search for and recover buried coins, relics and other artifacts located on my property at ________________________________. In addition, I offer my service to you. If you or a family member has lost a valuable piece of jewelry or other significant metal object, I am happy to search and find it at no charge or cost to you. It is understood that recovery includes the digging of small holes, which will be repaired as nearly as possible to original condition. This permission will remain in effect until such time that it is revoked in writing.
________________________________ (Signature)   ______________ (Date)
Liability Waiver Form
In consideration of permission to use a metal detector to search for and recover metal artifacts on the property located at ___________________________________ and owned by ____________________________, I, (type your name), agree to release from all liability for personal injury or property damage that I may suffer as the result of my searching said property. This release is binding and discharges said owner, his or her heirs, executors, administrators, from all actions, causes of action, claims and demands for, upon, or by reason of any damage, loss, injury which I may sustain while engaged in metal detecting on the owner's property.

Until next time, HH and Keep your coil to the soil.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Toy soldier

I've only been detecting since Christmas. I'm still learning my Ace 250, but the last day of 2009 proved to be a good one. I was detecting in my father-in-law's back yard in an area he has said he lost a pocket knife. I got a good signal and pinpointed the item and began digging. Thinking I have have found the knife, he and I were both surprised when I dug up a little metal toy soldier. The look on his face was priceless. He remembered playing with the soldier as a little boy. He's in his 70s now and has lived in the house since he was 2-years-old. The property dates back to the 1800s. Now I'm in search of the toy soldier graveyard he thinks may be in the backyard, and I'm still looking for the pocket knife.

If anyone knows any history about this type of toy soldier please comment. Until next time...
Keep your coil to the soil.

Bad weather, can't detect

The weather here turned extremely cold over the last couple of days. Arctic actually. Cold enough that I'm not about to get out to try to detect. Even if I did I'd have to have a jackhammer to get through the frozen clay ground around here. So, what do you do when you can't detect? Well, I've been posting some at metaldetectingforum.com and watching metal detecting videos on youtube. Aside from that I have been researching.
Bad weather can give you an opportunity to research local history in order to find new places to hunt or research an item you have found during a hunt. While you are doing your research on new areas to hunt, go ahead and get permission from the landowner or even go ahead and get permission forms signed, that way when the weather breaks you will be ready to go.
So, until next time...
Get your research done, grab a fresh set of batteries and
Keep your coil to the soil.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Coil to the Soil.
Happy Hunting in 2010

Picking your detector

There are alot of schools of thought when it comes to the type of metal detector you need. I spent several months researching the types and the prices online before I decided what type best fit me. I mentioned in my first post that I received the Garrett Ace 250 for Christmas. After setting a price range for the detector I began researching detectors in that range and their features and ease of use. The Ace 250 was a fit for me. If you are in the market for a detector I recommend you do the same as me and set a budget for yourself and then research the detectors in that budget. Pick the one that fits you. Until next time...
Happy Hunting
Keep your Coil to the Soil